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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Array of literals/string.


Creating an array of strings or literals would be a commonplace in any parser or encoder module.But creating one using the standard way as given in some forums would only work on the emulator and not on the actual device. On most forums you would notice something like this :

Inserting TTime values in Symbian DB using SQL..


I had been trying to insert TTime values using SQL statements and had real tough time getting the SQL string right. Firstly there is a complete specification for how to format values in the SQL statement when inserting it into the database. You can find it here: So while inserting the date values do not […]

Quick Tip : Optimization flags in GCCE builds ….


One more useful flag that can be added to remove unwanted code and avoid some bugs is the -Wunused. This is the super flag which will warn about unused functions, labels, function params, expression values and variables as well. The documentation for the super flags and other options are as follows:

Quick Tip : Optimization flags in GCCE builds.


It has been found that GCCE build have generated huge binaries.So to trim them a bit just include the following lines in your .mmp file.

Big Dummy’s guide to SMS/MMS Testing on Series 60 3rd edition emulator.


I have recently been making a program to backup my sms messages from the default Symbian mail index to Symbian dbms. But while testing on the emulator I noticed that there was no way to create messages in the inbox. Tools needed: 1. Series 60 3rd edition SDK. 2. Nokia Connectivity Framework v1.2. 3. JRE […]