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Monthly Archives: April 2007

PART 1: CEikonEnv : A class for all apps.


Symbian application programming usually requires access to file system as well as various other resources. Usually we tend to create new instances of server sessions every time we need to access them. But with CEikonEnv,the UIKON control environment, you have most of the required sessions and important class instances already created and ready to use. […]

Task Manager for S60 v1.x ,2.x & UIQ 2.x devices.


This was one of my earliest programs that I developed as a part of learning Symbian C++ programming. Some of the features were: 1. Task List. 2. Process List. 3. System info. 4. Compress RAM. 5. Run functionality as present in Windows. It is compatible with Series 60 1.x and 2.x devices & also UIQ […]

SisWare v4.5 : A must have tools for all SymbianGeek’s..


I found this cool tool to extract or create SIS files. This is very useful tool for creating SIS files for both pre OS v9 devices as well as v9 devices. The UI is really cool and the features are also comprehensive. SISWare v4.5 can be found here. Great work K. Suwatchai.

SwissKnife9 preview screens..


After some months I have finally completed my simple task and system information manager named SwissKnife9 for Series 60 3rd edition devices. I now have to “just” get it Symbian Signed and that is going to be the toughest challenge. Am not completely confident if it will be signed/approved.But am keeping my fingers crossed and […]

Solving KERN-EXEC 3 panic.


Do check out the updated tips for solving KERN-EXEC 3 here. KERN-EXEC 3 is one of the most common panic codes that most of the Symbian programmers face. It becomes extremely annoying to catch and fix the panic if its occurs when you exit the application.So here are some guidelines to avoid as well as […]