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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Why is it S60 Touch and not Symbian Touch?


The new S60 touch user interface looks nice, at least in the video.It would be really impressive even if we achieve half the fluidity & smoothness of that shown in the video. Anyways not straying from the main topic,why is Symbian not developing such an interface?So once they develop such a thing, can’t they just […]

Symbian PlatSec Hacked: Cat and mouse game begins.Nokia responds,updates NSU behavior.


Well Nokia has responded. The response is not as gauntlet smashing as most of us would expect, but seems to be a lazy and reassured one-step at a time response. Anyways,though I would not take any credit for the wonderfully simple hack in any way,but some time back I had tried getting extracting the files […]

Symbian PlatSec Hacked: Beware bricks devices.


Finally, that day has arrived,the news is out,Symbian Platform Security the boon for operators and bane for geeks and virus writers, has been trashed, rather in a very unconventional way. The culprit is not any code in the kernel, but the Nokia Software Updater(NSU). Still,hats off to Symbian guys for such a well designed security […]

Set QWERTY on Series 60 3rd edition emulator.


Many of us have wanted to have the QWERTY layout on the Series 60 3rd edition emulator, so that we can test applications for E61 or E90 devices which have similar key layout. Surprisingly, for me atleast, such a layout configuration is provided by default in the Series 60 3rd edition SDK itself, but not […]

STL on Symbian – Reloaded.


Here is a short update : Thanks to an “Anonymous” poster,we have with us now a STLPort port for Symbian OS v9.The angel soul who has done all the hard work is Marco Jez, who also incidentally maintains a blog about Symbian programming as well. The STLPort for Symbian OS v9 can be found here […]