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Symbian PlatSec Hacked: Beware bricks devices.

Finally, that day has arrived,the news is out,Symbian Platform Security the boon for operators and bane for geeks and virus writers, has been trashed, rather in a very unconventional way. The culprit is not any code in the kernel, but the Nokia Software Updater(NSU).
Still,hats off to Symbian guys for such a well designed security framework.
Also the dude, who got this hack was actually more interested in getting J2ME midlets unlimited permissions. He got it,but applied the same means to SISX files and so we now have a method(not full proof & fool proof as well) to install applications with any capability.
Also there are already reports of some devices being bricked,so use the method with caution or just wait till we can get some better means to do the same.
The complete method is present here :