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Symbian PlatSec Hacked: Cat and mouse game begins.Nokia responds,updates NSU behavior.

Well Nokia has responded. The response is not as gauntlet smashing as most of us would expect, but seems to be a lazy and reassured one-step at a time response.
Anyways,though I would not take any credit for the wonderfully simple hack in any way,but some time back I had tried getting extracting the files from a E61 firmware .bin file(proof). I was not even near to what has been achieved,but back then the idea was to just replicate the ROM applications on the E:\ drive and try to run the applications with some custom settings.Well the same idea can also be applied here,though am not sure how effective it would be.
Unfortunately I cannot even verify or experiment any with any of the stuff,becoz my N91 is the only working device with me and screwing it up is really not an option for me at all. So am just waiting for some time and watching the on-goings from some distance before I can really plunge it into it.
Actually this development has really brought some excitement to the otherwise sleepy Symbian white hat hacker scene.Otherwise,since the time PlatSec was introduced the hacking scene was really dormant.Let’s hope it’s the beginning of more exciting things ahead.
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