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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Flavour of the month : Runtimes.


In the first month of 2008, runtimes seem to he hot and happening. Nokia and Symbian both have (seems more like a planned and coordinated move) directed their collective attentions to the world of runtimes. While Symbian Developer Network has hosted a series of articles explaining the runtime-verse, Nokia has started a developer/programming challenge to […]

GeekTip : Rebuild Music Library of your N91 Media player.


Now a non-programming tip for a change. I have had my N91 for nearly an year now and it’s working fine, but it’s Music Player is quite buggy when it comes to detection newly added tracks and refreshing the Music library. It also randomly removes tracks from the list as well. Recently I had added […]

SW Installer Launcher API with Extensions plug-in package for S60 3rd Edition SDK , Feature Pack 2, Version 1 Beta.


Nokia today has published the Extensions plug-in package for S60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, for C++, supporting Feature Pack 2, Version 1 Beta (phew!!) which has some much required API made publicly available. And in the crowd of these API’s the one that caught my attention is the SW Installer Launcher API. So […]



Many many best wishes for this new year , 2008. Lets all hope that this year brings us more Symbian goodies from Nokia, SE & Moto to chew on. Happy Symbian programming and hacking!!!