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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Problem with SyntaxHighlighter.


As most of you,must have noticed the source code highlighting has gone nuts.I am trying to fix it as soon as possible,but till then bear with the screwed up code formatting. Update : For now I have fixed the issue ,but still there are some issues with the #include statements.But as these are less annoying […]

Change Details : Compiling S60Webkit with Carbide C++ v1.2.


I had mentioned that I was able to compile S60 WebKit using Carbide.C++ v1.2. To get it to compile I had to change the build.bat script to include the correct Carbide C++ path as well as include the proper lib. Carbide C++ v1.2 has the concerned libs in separate path from Carbide C++ v1.0 so […]

File compression & decompression using CEZFileBufferManager.


EZLIB library, which has been part of the Symbian SDKs now for some time, provides data compression and decompression functionality. The file compression functionality is provided by CEZFileBufferManager,which is very poorly documented(Actually if there ever would have been Razzies for code documentation Symbian documentation team would win it quite convincingly). Moving on,I needed this file […]