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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Symbian Foundation Platform announced : Symbian is finally Nokia OS ;).


This is really an interesting change. Symbian Foundation Platform has been formed and it will bring together the best of various platforms like S60,UIQ & MOAP under one roof.What would this mean to developers is still not clear as it’s too early to think about it. Details about Symbian Foundation Platform can be found here […]

SymbianSigned encourages you to hack PlatSec.


SymbianSigned has changed “some” of its services.These included a new online only service for signing and doing away with the freeware signing. Am more frustrated rather than amused by the changes. OpenSigned online version only: Earlier if a developer had to test some application with capabilities he/she had to download the DevCert once from the […]

Symbian SQL released,but not public still.


Symbian SQL was announced some time back, which would be a good alternative to the old native database system. Symbian released the binaries some time ago. But it’s still S60 3rd FP1 only and on top of that it’s only for licensee SDK’s owners only. Symbian SQL binaries for emulator and device can be found […]

I am back…


Hi All, I am back to blogging after a small break. But during this short duration a lot has happened in the mobile world especially the Symbian world. With a slew of sdk updates and new developments. Let me just summarize them here, so that nothing is missed out: 1. Symbian turned 10 this month. […]