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SymbianSigned encourages you to hack PlatSec.

SymbianSigned has changed “some” of its services.These included a new online only service for signing and doing away with the freeware signing. Am more frustrated rather than amused by the changes.

  • OpenSigned online version only: Earlier if a developer had to test some application with capabilities he/she had to download the DevCert once from the SymbianSigned site and then that DevCert could be used for testing on one device. As far as signing a test application was concerned, earlier we just had to go once online. But now SymbianSigned expects us to be online whenever we want to just sign our test application. So we now have to decide which is the costlier approach,staying online all day or getting a Publisher ID. But what happens when the network is down or for some reason,then how should poor mortal Publisher ID-less people test their application?The guys on SymbianSinged forum answer like “if you are a professional developer you should consider getting a Publisher ID” for queries regarding network issues!!!
  • Publisher ID compulsory: I cannot afford to spend 200$ annually, when there are no chances of earning a single dime from hobby programming.So what happens to hobby programmers like me? Should they quit hobby Symbian C++ programming altogether?
  • While all this time I have observed PlatSec hacking from the sidelines and never tried to use the hacks anytime. But now these hacking steps seem to be the right thing to do. Once hacked, the device can then install any application without the need of any signing at all. Thus reducing all those unnecessary trips to SymbianSigned website. While not the most secure solution, at least we can use these hacks for testing our applications without the need of any DevCerts.

Hope there would be some changes in the future in SymbianSigned, else PlatSec hacks seems to be the way ahead.