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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Nokia’s Christmas gift to Symbian C++ developers : Carbide.c++ v2.0 is "FREE"


A new version of Carbide.c++ i.e. v2.0 was released. On first glance, I really did not care much about it at first, as I thought it would have added new features just for the “paid” editions. But then I found that all the editions and their respective goodies are free. This is one of the […]

GCC 4.2.3 provides some space optimisation..


I have tried setting up GCC 4.2.3 for the S60 3rd edition SDK. The setup was successful and it was rather quite straightforward, thanks mainly to the detailed steps mentioned in the Forum Nokia Wiki. I did not apply all the patches mentioned in the wiki. Only the following patched were required to get the […]

GCC 4.x comes to Symbian OS via the unofficial route.


Thanks to the persistence of Marian Kechlibar and some generous help from Julian Brown ,we can now use the latest version of GCC 4.x for target compilation(GCCE). This was done by the inclusion of asm definitions for __aeabi_uidiv & __aeabi_idiv routines. The complete details of how to get GCC 4.x setup are present in an […]

Symbian programming frustration…


This would be an odd post to make on this blog for SymbianGeeks, but the fact is I am really frustrated and am going to vent a small part of it here. I have been now coding Symbian C++ apps for some time now and let me tell you coding Symbian C++ apps is not […]