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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Useful S60 emulator keyboard shortcuts.


This post may not be something new ,but it’s very very useful information. The keyboard shortcuts for S60 emulator would be very helpful while programming and debugging on the emulator. My personal favourite is the control border drawing shortcut(Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J), which is very helpful in custom control development. So here […]

XML parser api troika.


Symbian provides a XML parser, which has been extended in S60 XML parsers classes as well. The Symbian parser is SAX based and would be sufficient for basic XML parsing requirements. In the Symbian CParser, the parser state needs to be reset after a parse of a complete XML document. This resetting needs to be […]

A really belated "Happy New Year" 2009.


I wish all readers a really belated “Happy New Year” 2009. Hope this year we will see some more action from the Symbian Foundation. Also I am trying to be a bit more active as compared to the last two years. So see you soon, all Symbiangeeks.