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Useful S60 emulator keyboard shortcuts.

This post may not be something new ,but it’s very very useful information. The keyboard shortcuts for S60 emulator would be very helpful while programming and debugging on the emulator. My personal favourite is the control border drawing shortcut(Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J), which is very helpful in custom control development.

So here is the complete list ripped directly from the S60 3rd edition Emulator guide.

Esc Cancels currently displayed dialogs or menus.
F1 Displays the Options menu.
F9 Turns off the emulator. Re-press to restore the emulator.
F10 Simulates an emergency shutdown. Press F9 to restore.
~ (the key below Esc) Corresponds the Selection key, that is, OK on the navigation key.
Alt + 1 Corresponds the left soft key.
Alt + 2 Corresponds the right soft key.
Cursor keys Correspond the navigation keys.
0-9, * and # Correspond the ITU-T numeric keypad.
Home Corresponds the Applications key.
Ctrl + H or Backspace Correspond the Clear key.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O Rotates the Emulator skin by 180 degrees.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J Displays coloured borders around controls.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P Displays information pertaining to the resource failure tool.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Q Turns off the heap failure mode.
Ctrl + Alt +Shift + R Redraws the screen.
Ctrl + Alt +Shift + F Enables the Window Server auto-flush.
Ctrl + Alt +Shift + G Disables the Window Server auto-flush. (Default)
Ctrl + Alt +Shift + M Displays a Move Me dialog.
Ctrl + Alt +Shift + Enter Displays a Move Me dialog.