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Monthly Archives: December 2009 device list WTF!!!


Be ready to do some crazy time travel and sample some of the erroneous data present on the device list page of To experience the magic yourself just browse through the devices listing page and start sorting device listings on date. Nokia 6220 which is listed as a S60 3rd edition FP2 device […]

N-GAGE is gone.. :(


This is a classic case of the saying “First impression is the last impression”. N-GAGE, which according to me was the first N-Series device, is officially now dead. Nokia after putting in lots of time and money has put to rest it’s most ridiculed creation. First, the device which was launched in 2003 was ridiculed […]

Mobile application development sucks even more now..


Just when dust of the world of mobile application development seemed to have settled a bit,one more whirlwind platform announcement rakes up more dust, blinding the developers even more. Samsung announced the BADA (means ocean in Korean, but this word in Hindi, the Indian National Language, when pronounced with the ‘D’ intact, means BIG!!!) OS. […]