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Mobile application development sucks even more now..

Just when dust of the world of mobile application development seemed to have settled a bit,one more whirlwind platform announcement rakes up more dust, blinding the developers even more. Samsung announced the BADA (means ocean in Korean, but this word in Hindi, the Indian National Language, when pronounced with the ‘D’ intact, means BIG!!!) OS. This addition to the already crowded mobile platforms scene only adds more chaos and makes it more impossible to earn money thru’ mobile application development.
An analogous chaos in the laptop world would be like DELL, HP, LENOVO and other laptop manufacturers announcing different application development sdk’s for their laptops.
So consider this,if I want to make a mobile application which could be installed on handset of top mobile phone manufacturers, then I would need to make applications for the following platforms using their respective languages and sdk’s(development languages may be incorrect for some platforms mentioned):

  • SYMBIAN – C++
  • MAEMO – C++
  • BADA – C
  • BREW – C
  • J2ME – JAVA

*WRT and Flash are not included as they do not expose much capabilities for the app developer.

And even after coding for so many platforms and in so many languages I will have to pass the various application signing criteria. So even before I sell the first copy of my killer application, I would have spent a good amount on just developing my application, with no guarantee whatsoever that my app will sell. Compare this to the PC application scene and you would notice either you make the application for Windows or Linux or Mac laptops and you are done. No worries of passing certification from various laptop manufacturers and other installation and portability issues.
I hope few years down the line all the CHOTA(that’s small in Hindi) and nonsense platforms vanish and only the best ones survive.
Till then happy Symbian coding ;).

  • Hendy @ Soluvas

    I agree it "sucks".

    It's not as much as the programming as it is about the platform/SDK.

    For example, you develop on Android and J2ME using Java programming language. But you're using Android SDK on Android and J2ME SDK on J2ME. They're entirely different things.

    Same goes (or worse) with C/C++.

  • eminemence

    Yup, some one needs to stop these mobile manufacturers from fragmenting the mobile platform ecosystem.
    Please, save the Mobile app ecosystem.

  • Mobile Applications

    yes I truely Agree

  • Kevin

    Google Android is supposed to bring some standardization into the mobile application development choices.

    Anyways you seen one SDK you have seen most. SDK's see similar, don't they?

  • eminemence

    If you plan to release an application for the mobile space,the number of platforms to comply to would baffle you. And it becomes a major deterrent to code a mobile app :).

  • dorla

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  • davidjones035


    You have posted a very informative post. thanks for that. As you say Samsung BADA launch will makes it more tough to earn money thru' Mobile Application Development. But as always the competition will improve the quality of Mobile Application Development also. So be prepared for it.

  • Sebastian

    Hello, I’m Sebastian from Argentina (sorry for my poor english).

    I was happy when I first heard about Bada, because I don’t like managed code and a mobile platform created from the begining to write native apps in C++ was great news.

    I’m use to work on top of the win32 api on Windows and on top of Posix/X on OpenBSD, and I love to be free of executing/distributing/selling my apps without any permission, so when I realise I have to sign in just to download the SDK and after months of learning and developing an app I would have to send it to an insulting signing procedure I got disappointed in the mobile industry.

    It’s nice to find someone else thinking this way. The developer community seems blind to this abusive business model.

    It’s funny that CHOTA is penis in spanish (at least one of the many ways of calling it in Argentina), so the way you ended this article can’t be more accurate.

    Thanks for writing this article.

  • eminemence

    Hi Sebastian, 2 years since this blog post things have changed drastically. Symbian is on death row(yes it will be executed after some time, against the wishes of many of its followers and developer community). Maemo is gone and it looks like we will shortly have just iPhone, Android & Windows Phone as the main mobile platforms big enough to be commercially viable to independent developers.Lets hope the number of platforms become more manageable.

    • Nombre_ficticio

      Hello, we still can’t create a native application and release it without certification on any of this devices. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have fewer platforms, but I would prefer twice the ones we had 2 years ago if only one of them wouldn’t require any certification.

  • intrr

    What sucks most about mobile app development is that it is completely impossible to do while you’re mobile. I’m currently in Spain, on prepaid SIM data where 1 GB costs around $30, and before I can even START to write the FIRST line of mobile app code, I have to download AT LEAST 3 GIGABYTES of software. And no, that does NOT include 10 hours of HD tutorial videos, like you would expect with those download sizes.


  • Margury Lorex

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