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Monthly Archives: May 2010

If no.of visitors were to indicate…


I just checked the number of visitors on two major smartphone platforms, Android and Symbian. The statistics shock me a lot. Just check this out : These domain stats include the number of statistics of the developer subdomains as well. So the developer pull of Symbian seems to have diminished a lot. Also as per […]

Selling Symbian apps : Costs & realistic chances of making profits.


I am “planning” to code and publish a Symbian application.So here I will be chronicling the various steps right from conception to coding to testing to actual publishing of the application. Now let us check the costs involved in making a symbian application: 1. Developer hours: So going by current standards it would be around […]

Symbian^3 SDK released.


An alpha version of the Symbian^3 SDK has been released on Forum Nokia recently.Just downloaded it from here. All these SDK’s are confusing me no ends and have left me completely dazed.