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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Join now!!!


There have been many attempts at creating a platform where in individual Symbian developers can be heard.But most of the time either the grouping was all too weak or no one really cared what the group said. Enter This seems to be the right place where in individuals can make the SF hear their […]

Nokia signing Symbian apps for free.


This is some old news , but still relevant for overall Symbian app development. Nokia has announced that they will be signing Symbian C++, QT & Flash apps as a part of a Beta program. They have published the required steps here. This is a real welcome move from Nokia which should lead to more […]

Getting the Symbian source code.


Update #1: 5th July 10PM: It’s been nearly 22 hours and the package download is still ON. The total sources size is around 6.5GB, while the total download size with build tools etc. has been around 8.5GB. I will be aborting the download in an hour if it does not end. Symbian has been open […]

If no.of visitors were to indicate… – Part III


##Warning : This is a long rant.## From May 2010, I have been seeing a shift in the trends that seem to indicate a move towards Android. And now this, with some of the most prominent fanboys quitting Symbian or should I say Nokia(Ohh seems like Two-Face of Batman : Good & Bad in one. […]