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Batteries bloating problem and disposal options.

Batteries which provide the juice to run mobile phones, typically tend to bloat as they are used more and more.
This is true amongst most of the Li-ion batteries used nowadays.

The main reason behind the bloating is the battery is overheating, which is typically caused by the overcharging of the devices. My N91 battery bloated fastest as I had the bad habit of keeping it hooked on to the charger throughout the day or till the time I was listening to music while coding. This would typically bloat the battery and would unhinge the back cover.

This now gets me to the second point, disposal of these batteries. These batteries should not be disposed at the regular waste dumps. The metals in such batteries may not be as harmful as arsenic or cadmium, but they have enough metal which can pollute the water sources. Also the metals in such batteries can be recycled and used for other purposes. The recycling should be the social responsibility of each company producing them.

Nokia which has been known for its green ways provides recycle bins at its Care Points. You can drop not only batteries, but chargers and old broken handsets as well. Does your handset manufacturer provide you recycle points?

Who else provides device and accessories recycling collection points?

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