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Monthly Archives: August 2011

SisContents – An awesome freeware PC app for sis files.


Some years back I had found SisWare, a ideal tool for analysing the sis packages. Today, while searching some sis installation error code resolution I found another great tool for sis packages creation,editing and unpacking. Its called SisContents and developed by a russian developer.

Quick Symbian Factoid #2 : Fix for Des16Align 18 panic.


You would generally get a Des16Align 18 panic when executing a Format function and especially when you are too tired to issue may seem as big as a mountain. This is caused as the Format function expects a pointer, but when a object is passed by value then the Des16Align panic occurs. Example code : […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #1 :Fix for KErrNotSupported on RDbNamedDatabase::CreateTable.


From today I am starting a series of small code snippets or error information that I face in day-to-day Symbian C++ programming. I was trying to create a database using RDbNamedDatabase::CreateTable. I have used this function quite some times, but for some unknown reasons it was leaving with KErrNotSupported(-5). The code snippet that was causing […]

Nokia 500 debuts 1Ghz proccessor & new naming convention.


Nokia made public yesterday a new device with a recycled name. The Nokia 500 saw the day of light, thus introducing the first 1Ghz Symbian^3 device and a new naming convention for the devices. Nokia recycled its old GPS device name, the Nokia 500. The device specifications are good for the price it is being […]