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Quick Symbian Factoid #6 : Browsercontrol history navigation throws “Requested object is used by another application(-14)”.

I am using the S60 Browser control to load some local html content. So while the loading was going through fine, the history navigation(returning back to previous page after link navigation) was throwing the error “Requested object is used by another application(-14)”. Searching the forums and the internet did not turn up any help regarding the same. I double checked the id’s being passed to HandleCommandL but that did not help.
So finally I realised the error was not with the navigation command as such, but the way I was loading the local html file. I was calling the CBrCtlInterface::LoadFileL variant which takes a RFile, which is basically a file handle to the local html content. This was the root cause of the history navigation failing. The file handle on the old file was still open, hence any attempts to open the same file again would give the KErrInUse(-14) error.
So now the workaround to this issue, is to use the other variant of CBrCtlInterface::LoadFileL which simply takes a file name. This variant keeps all the hassles of maintaining the file handles away and history navigation works fine.