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Symbiangeek goes into dormant state.

Symbiangeek blog will go into a dormant state from today. As Nokia has announced, there will be no more Symbian devices and with the development teams also cut down drastically, it would not make any more sense to dedicate time to Symbian C++ app development. I have got a taste of iOS training and also did a few small projects in Android. My next mobile application development platform of choice is Android. I will be dedicating my free time to Android and Webkit equally. Let’s hope the time spent in Android and Webkit development fetches more positive results. I will probably start a new Android blog or will keep adding posts to codekata only. This decision will be taken shortly.

So in the end, RIP Symbian. Adios SymbianGeek!!!

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    It’s sad. Please don’t delete you blog!

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