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My first open source paid app on Nokia Store : Brahma – Screen capture “reinvented”.


After coding on & off for around 8 months I have finally published my first paid app on Nokia Store, Brahma. Brahma is my vision of a screen shot application. I was bored of seeing the setting item list layout of most screen capture applications. So me with my wife designed & coded Brahma. Brahma […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #8 : Fix for USER-EXEC 3 panic.


USER-EXEC 3 will be caused by an unhandled exception. This exception should be trapped to figure out the type of the exception and also fix the exception-causing code. The following code can be used as an exception handler which then logs the exception type to the file and then exits. And to install the exception […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #7 : Symbian pkg major, minor & build number limits.


The Symbian native application sis package file(.pkg) describes the installation information like app name, install path and install files. It also lets the developer specify the application version. The version is specifed as a part of the standard header. Below is one such example: As you must have noticed & probably know the last three […]

Symbian SqlDb (SQLite based) panic & error codes.


Symbian SQlite implementation panic codes are not that well documented, I am just listing the ones that are listed. I will update this list as and when they are found to be documented elsewhere. The error codes list is part of the header file and the list present in SDK docs does not have the […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #6 : Browsercontrol history navigation throws “Requested object is used by another application(-14)”.


I am using the S60 Browser control to load some local html content. So while the loading was going through fine, the history navigation(returning back to previous page after link navigation) was throwing the error “Requested object is used by another application(-14)”. Searching the forums and the internet did not turn up any help

S60Uptime for S60 3rd, 5th edition & Symbian^3 devices.


S60Uptime had been on my list of apps to be created for quite some years. Finally a few months back I coded it and today gathered the courage to post it online. S60Uptime is available for S60 3rd, 5th edition & Symbian^3 devices. It also uses the CTimerX class which I posted yesterday. The code is […]

RTimer limit and how to overcome it.


In Symbian C++, RTimer is the timer class to fire timers after specific duration or at specific time. The problem with RTimer is that there is a limit on the duration. The in parameter for RTimer::After is TTimeIntervalMicroseconds32 which mean mean 2^31 micro seconds is the limit. This would translate to approximately 2147.483648 seconds or 35.791394133 minutes. […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #5 : Fix for DBMS-TABLE 14 panic.


This panic is caused by calling successive commits on a single transaction or calling a commit when no transaction has taken place. So the offending code would look something like this : The PutL function will perform the db operation like insert or update and then perform a commit as well. Hence the Commit() call […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #4 : Loading local html file using S60 BrowserControl.


I had been looking around for a small code snippet to add the S60 Browser control to the app view to display a local html file. So here is the code that worked for me. Don’t forget to add the browser control to the parent control’s ComponentControl() and CountComponentControls() functions. Also the local html file […]

SisContents – An awesome freeware PC app for sis files.


Some years back I had found SisWare, a ideal tool for analysing the sis packages. Today, while searching some sis installation error code resolution I found another great tool for sis packages creation,editing and unpacking. Its called SisContents and developed by a russian developer.