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Quick Symbian Factoid #2 : Fix for Des16Align 18 panic.


You would generally get a Des16Align 18 panic when executing a Format function and especially when you are too tired to issue may seem as big as a mountain. This is caused as the Format function expects a pointer, but when a object is passed by value then the Des16Align panic occurs. Example code : […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #1 :Fix for KErrNotSupported on RDbNamedDatabase::CreateTable.


From today I am starting a series of small code snippets or error information that I face in day-to-day Symbian C++ programming. I was trying to create a database using RDbNamedDatabase::CreateTable. I have used this function quite some times, but for some unknown reasons it was leaving with KErrNotSupported(-5). The code snippet that was causing […]

Nokia 500 debuts 1Ghz proccessor & new naming convention.


Nokia made public yesterday a new device with a recycled name. The Nokia 500 saw the day of light, thus introducing the first 1Ghz Symbian^3 device and a new naming convention for the devices. Nokia recycled its old GPS device name, the Nokia 500. The device specifications are good for the price it is being […]

DefuseAlarm DevLog #3: My first Qt Quick program & Qt Quick resources online.


I have been referring to this video series for learning Qt Quick. I just coded my first Qt Quick program for Symbian and its based on the code snippet from the e-learning series only. Below is a screenshot of the code in action. The template application has lots of background/ readymade c++ code added. Just […]

DefuseAlarm DevLog #2: My development environment & installing Qt SDK v1.1.


The latest full installer includes the Qt SDK, Qt Creator IDE and various things. The offline installer size is around 1.8Gb which is quite a lot.The SDK can be downloaded from here. The whole package took 45 mins to install but it showed a couple of installation errors. I am not sure what effect these […] feeds app published.


Now stay in touch with latest blog posts from all three blogs in a single app. The feeds app generated using the Ovi AppWizard has been approved. Just click on the image below to download the feeds app from Ovi Store.

DefuseAlarm DevLog #1: Qt Quick mobile development video series.


I am going to blog about theĀ developmentĀ of my Qt app DefuseAlarm. I will try to blog at least once in the day. The development experience is going to let me decide the next platform that I need to pick with Symbian being phased out by Nokia. I have options like Qt, J2Me, iOS, Android & […]

Forum Nokia changes to be Nokia Developer.


Forum Nokia or FN as it was usually called, has now been renamed to Nokia Developer. The site looks more streamlined and more consistent with the Nokia Conversations blog styling. The fonts are new ones and blue color is all over the site. The discussion forum & blogs also look more neat now but seem […]

TOI Nokia app published today.


The Times of India has launched a Nokia app for its news content. This is some good news. And here is the excerpt from the news items , sourced below : With the launch of the Nokia app, The Times of India is now present on all the popular mobile platforms. The newspaper recently launched […]

Nokia N8 USB OTG in action.


Nokia N8 has USB OTG which is one of the coolest features. It makes N8 open to unlimited storage and gives it awesome power. Today I checked out the feature. I basically wanted to load songs from my pen drive on to my N8. Without the awesomeness of USB OTG, the songs would have to […]