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Good news and bad news..


As you all must have noticed what the good news is, yes, it’s about the new blog template. I changed to this one as wanted to make the blog a bit more organized and nicely arranged.Also have added an awesome new widget which highlights code really neat.Just check it out at work here. Any feedback […]

Accelerometer IC details of Nokia S60 devices.


While trying to finding the differences in the N95 and N91 accelerometers,I happened to peer through the many device schematics,available through out the internet forums, to know the accelerometer IC’s used in the N-series devices and here is one simple list: N91 & Nokia 5500 – Both have STMicroelectronics LIS3LV02DQ – MEMS INERTIAL SENSOR – […]

3D Accelerometer API for N95: Why is the N91 left out?


Most of the Symbian blogs are all full of posts about the “newly” discovered 3D accelerometer in N95.There have been samples from excited people who have made some small demo apps using this API. Now the N91 also has an accelerometer(check this FNTL entry elaborating it’s behavior w.r.t disk cache writes), it’s really not clear […]