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Useful S60 emulator keyboard shortcuts.


This post may not be something new ,but it’s very very useful information. The keyboard shortcuts for S60 emulator would be very helpful while programming and debugging on the emulator. My personal favourite is the control border drawing shortcut(Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J), which is very helpful in custom control development. So here […]

Needed badly: Windows clipboard support for S60 emulators.


One thing which had always amused and irritated me greatly was the failure of S60 emulator(last tested on S60 3rd FP1 ) to completely ignore the win32 clipboard altogether. Inputting long text is just a nightmare. At least entering URL’s is facilitated by the File->Open URL… option.But just try to paste(Ctrl-V) the URL in the […]

Beta Impressions : Series 60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2(FP2) SDK Beta


Nokia had some time back released the Series 60 3rd edition FP2 SDK,which is built on top of Symbian OS v9.3.I got some time this weekend to check it out. The SDK now takes a cool 1.04GB on the disk(just for the record,Series 60 v1.2 took 353MB,we have come a far way from then on). […]

Set QWERTY on Series 60 3rd edition emulator.


Many of us have wanted to have the QWERTY layout on the Series 60 3rd edition emulator, so that we can test applications for E61 or E90 devices which have similar key layout. Surprisingly, for me atleast, such a layout configuration is provided by default in the Series 60 3rd edition SDK itself, but not […]