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Symbian PlatSec Hacked: Cat and mouse game begins.Nokia responds,updates NSU behavior.


Well Nokia has responded. The response is not as gauntlet smashing as most of us would expect, but seems to be a lazy and reassured one-step at a time response. Anyways,though I would not take any credit for the wonderfully simple hack in any way,but some time back I had tried getting extracting the files […]

Symbian PlatSec Hacked: Beware bricks devices.


Finally, that day has arrived,the news is out,Symbian Platform Security the boon for operators and bane for geeks and virus writers, has been trashed, rather in a very unconventional way. The culprit is not any code in the kernel, but the Nokia Software Updater(NSU). Still,hats off to Symbian guys for such a well designed security […]