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Nice little paper on Symbian panics.


Just wanted to share an informative white paper on the Symbian panics by the MacroBug guys. Not surprisingly, it mentions that KERN-EXEC 3 was the most common error that they faced while developing a phone.But they also mention that it was the most easiest to fix!! You can read the whole paper out here.

Solving KERN-EXEC 3 : a few more tips


After seeing the feedback on the KERN-EXEC3 solving blog post, it became clear that it was time to post a more elaborate post to help fix those elusive KERN-EXEC 3 (we will call them KE3′s)panic. So here are some more detailed pointers to fix the KE3 issue: 1. If you have any member variables which […]

Solving KERN-EXEC 3 panic.


Do check out the updated tips for solving KERN-EXEC 3 here. KERN-EXEC 3 is one of the most common panic codes that most of the Symbian programmers face. It becomes extremely annoying to catch and fix the panic if its occurs when you exit the application.So here are some guidelines to avoid as well as […]