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DefuseAlarm DevLog #3: My first Qt Quick program & Qt Quick resources online.


I have been referring to this video series for learning Qt Quick. I just coded my first Qt Quick program for Symbian and its based on the code snippet from the e-learning series only. Below is a screenshot of the code in action. The template application has lots of background/ readymade c++ code added. Just […]

DefuseAlarm DevLog #1: Qt Quick mobile development video series.


I am going to blog about theĀ developmentĀ of my Qt app DefuseAlarm. I will try to blog at least once in the day. The development experience is going to let me decide the next platform that I need to pick with Symbian being phased out by Nokia. I have options like Qt, J2Me, iOS, Android & […]

The floodgates have opened but the apps have dried up!!


The signs of a declining developer interests were imminent(look here, here & here), but now its becoming more worse. Somethings like apps for Symbian devices, which were taken for granted, are becoming more and more scarce. The N8 review here mentions the scarcity of apps as a con of the device!!! Now with SF(Some one […]