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The floodgates have finally opened !!!


Finally after pleading for many years, hobby developers can develop and post some apps for a very nominal fee.The Nokia Symbian signing apps for free program has moved out of the beta stage. Now it’s just 50$ that are required for publishing an application through the Ovi store. While this fee is a one-year cost […]

Nokia signing Symbian apps for free.


This is some old news , but still relevant for overall Symbian app development. Nokia has announced that they will be signing Symbian C++, QT & Flash apps as a part of a Beta program. They have published the required steps here. This is a real welcome move from Nokia which should lead to more […]

Selling Symbian apps : Costs & realistic chances of making profits.


I am “planning” to code and publish a Symbian application.So here I will be chronicling the various steps right from conception to coding to testing to actual publishing of the application. Now let us check the costs involved in making a symbian application: 1. Developer hours: So going by current standards it would be around […]

Ovi Store launched,70%***** revenue cut.


Nokia has finally launched its app store, Ovi Store. This annoucement has excited me more than the Symbian device announcements made at MWC. Now Symbian content developers can dream of emulating some of the fame and money earned by their iPhone content developer counterparts. As for the revenue model, the site mentions it in short […]