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Symbian moving from Open-Source to No-Source. X7-00 amazes.


Symbian is closing all its web-sites right from the ideas to horizon sites. This is again going to leave all those contributors in a limbo. The sites are closing (and I quote from the symbian wiki entry : ) Which websites will be affected? All of the websites hosted by the Symbian Foundation will […]

The floodgates have opened but the apps have dried up!!


The signs of a declining developer interests were imminent(look here, here & here), but now its becoming more worse. Somethings like apps for Symbian devices, which were taken for granted, are becoming more and more scarce. The N8 review here mentions the scarcity of apps as a con of the device!!! Now with SF(Some one […]

If no.of visitors were to indicate… – Part III


##Warning : This is a long rant.## From May 2010, I have been seeing a shift in the trends that seem to indicate a move towards Android. And now this, with some of the most prominent fanboys quitting Symbian or should I say Nokia(Ohh seems like Two-Face of Batman : Good & Bad in one. […]

If no.of visitors were to indicate… – Part II


Should we be alarmed?

If no.of visitors were to indicate…


I just checked the number of visitors on two major smartphone platforms, Android and Symbian. The statistics shock me a lot. Just check this out : These domain stats include the number of statistics of the developer subdomains as well. So the developer pull of Symbian seems to have diminished a lot. Also as per […]

Selling Symbian apps : Costs & realistic chances of making profits.


I am “planning” to code and publish a Symbian application.So here I will be chronicling the various steps right from conception to coding to testing to actual publishing of the application. Now let us check the costs involved in making a symbian application: 1. Developer hours: So going by current standards it would be around […]

MMORPG on Symbian & state of native Symbian games.


One thought has been bothering me a bit and that is the state of the native Symbian C++ games. The last game I really enjoyed was KRally, which had great game play to offer and it was amazingly polished for a native Symbian game. And this happened in 2006, after that I haven’t noticed any […]

Mobile application development sucks even more now..


Just when dust of the world of mobile application development seemed to have settled a bit,one more whirlwind platform announcement rakes up more dust, blinding the developers even more. Samsung announced the BADA (means ocean in Korean, but this word in Hindi, the Indian National Language, when pronounced with the ‘D’ intact, means BIG!!!) OS. […]