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Useful S60 emulator keyboard shortcuts.


This post may not be something new ,but it’s very very useful information. The keyboard shortcuts for S60 emulator would be very helpful while programming and debugging on the emulator. My personal favourite is the control border drawing shortcut(Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J), which is very helpful in custom control development. So here […]

Samsung Mobile Innovator : Samsung ramping up to start S60 support forum.


Seems like Samsung has also now decided to increase interaction with S60 developers. The Samsung Mobile Innovator site seems to be a step in that direction and now it would be easy to get support for Samsung S60 devices specific issues. The site is neat and has some useful sections. It also promises to provide […]

Change Details : Compiling S60Webkit with Carbide C++ v1.2.


I had mentioned that I was able to compile S60 WebKit using Carbide.C++ v1.2. To get it to compile I had to change the build.bat script to include the correct Carbide C++ path as well as include the proper lib. Carbide C++ v1.2 has the concerned libs in separate path from Carbide C++ v1.0 so […]

Finally,S60WebKit compiling with Carbide.c++ v1.2!!


I have finally got S60Webkit to compile using Carbide.c++ v1.2. There are still some issues with using the latest source version from the s60webkit svn and Nokia probably has not fixed the issue till now. For S60Webkit to compile with Carbide.c++ v1.2, I had to modify the script a bit. The fix is similar to […]

Fixing that ‘___destroy_new_array’/'___CxxFrameHandler’ linker error..


After a very quiet June am back with some posts. Recently while building one of the components I was harassed by a silly linker error.The error message spewed was this : Well as straightforward as it may seem, I took a full day to fix this error. So if you are also facing this error, […]