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S60Uptime for S60 3rd, 5th edition & Symbian^3 devices.


S60Uptime had been on my list of apps to be created for quite some years. Finally a few months back I coded it and today gathered the courage to post it online. S60Uptime is available for┬áS60 3rd, 5th edition & Symbian^3 devices. It also uses the CTimerX class which I posted yesterday. The code is […]

S60 5th Edition SDK v1.0, Language packs and extension plug-ins released.


Nokia released a v1.0 of the S60 5th edition SDK which is the latest version of the SDK after v0.9. In addition to the SDK a Arabic and Urdu language pack and an 5th edition SDK plug-in also has been released. S60 5th Edition SDK v1.0 for Symbian OS can be found here. Extensions Plug-ins […]

S60 5th edition SDK v0.9 is out !!!


The first Series 60 5th edition v0.9 (Touch) SDK is out,with the release of the Nokia 5800 device. This would be first touch screen & pointer input based device(if we act as if Nokia 6708 never existed). The SDK is based on Symbian OS v9.4 and would allow to build and test apps for “new […]