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Tag Archives: Series 60 1st edition

Task Manager for S60 v1.x ,2.x & UIQ 2.x devices.


This was one of my earliest programs that I developed as a part of learning Symbian C++ programming. Some of the features were: 1. Task List. 2. Process List. 3. System info. 4. Compress RAM. 5. Run functionality as present in Windows. It is compatible with Series 60 1.x and 2.x devices & also UIQ […]

ScrShots v1.0 for Series60 2.x devices : Grab screens at a fast rate.


Update : Download links have expired. I will update with new links soon. How many times you wanted to take many screen shots but could as those screens came and vanished in a blink.Well here is a small and nifty tool from SymbianGeek which makes taking screenshots more easy. Just start ScrShots and it goes […]

KeyCodes : Know all your device keys.


So finally we are ready with KeyCodes, a tool I always wished was present to know what was the scan and key code of a particular key.Well here it is KeyCodes v1.0 for Series 60 v2.x devices. Here is a sample screen shot of the same from my N-Gage. It has been tested on Nokia […]