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Tag Archives: Series 60 2nd edition

Chinese version of TaskManager for Series 60 2.x devices..just preview screens for now..


With some help from my Chinese friend Ken,I was able to create the chinese version of my Task Manager for Series 60 2.x devices. It was really a great experience making it work. Here are some preview screens of the same, as you can see I have still left some strings in english. That was […]

Task Manager for S60 v1.x ,2.x & UIQ 2.x devices.


This was one of my earliest programs that I developed as a part of learning Symbian C++ programming. Some of the features were: 1. Task List. 2. Process List. 3. System info. 4. Compress RAM. 5. Run functionality as present in Windows. It is compatible with Series 60 1.x and 2.x devices & also UIQ […]

ScrShots v1.0 for Series60 2.x devices : Grab screens at a fast rate.


Update : Download links have expired. I will update with new links soon. How many times you wanted to take many screen shots but could as those screens came and vanished in a blink.Well here is a small and nifty tool from SymbianGeek which makes taking screenshots more easy. Just start ScrShots and it goes […]

KeyCodes : Know all your device keys.


So finally we are ready with KeyCodes, a tool I always wished was present to know what was the scan and key code of a particular key.Well here it is KeyCodes v1.0 for Series 60 v2.x devices. Here is a sample screen shot of the same from my N-Gage. It has been tested on Nokia […]