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Tag Archives: Symbian C++ programming

Quick Symbian Factoid #8 : Fix for USER-EXEC 3 panic.


USER-EXEC 3 will be caused by an unhandled exception. This exception should be trapped to figure out the type of the exception and also fix the exception-causing code. The following code can be used as an exception handler which then logs the exception type to the file and then exits. And to install the exception […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #6 : Browsercontrol history navigation throws “Requested object is used by another application(-14)”.


I am using the S60 Browser control to load some local html content. So while the loading was going through fine, the history navigation(returning back to previous page after link navigation) was throwing the error “Requested object is used by another application(-14)”. Searching the forums and the internet did not turn up any help

Quick Symbian Factoid #5 : Fix for DBMS-TABLE 14 panic.


This panic is caused by calling successive commits on a single transaction or calling a commit when no transaction has taken place. So the offending code would look something like this : The PutL function will perform the db operation like insert or update and then perform a commit as well. Hence the Commit() call […]

Quick Symbian Factoid #1 :Fix for KErrNotSupported on RDbNamedDatabase::CreateTable.


From today I am starting a series of small code snippets or error information that I face in day-to-day Symbian C++ programming. I was trying to create a database using RDbNamedDatabase::CreateTable. I have used this function quite some times, but for some unknown reasons it was leaving with KErrNotSupported(-5). The code snippet that was causing […]

Trying to make TTS work on my N91.


Sunday, April 10, 2010 : The code works fine on my N91 and N95. Friday, April 09, 2010 : Found the example code here. It’s really sad that is not live any more. Lots of valuable code has gone missing. Let me check if this site is hosted somewhere else. Friday, April 09, 2010 […]

Nice little paper on Symbian panics.


Just wanted to share an informative white paper on the Symbian panics by the MacroBug guys. Not surprisingly, it mentions that KERN-EXEC 3 was the most common error that they faced while developing a phone.But they also mention that it was the most easiest to fix!! You can read the whole paper out here.

RConnection::Attach needs TConnectionInfo!!!


I had been fighting it out for some time to get the disconnection up and working. I had tried all the steps mentioned at various forum posts and wiki, but the first step of attaching to a connection would never succeed and would always return KErrCouldNotConnect(-34), which was always a mystery to me. Checking all […]

Why …


..isn’t there a function like RFs::FileExists() / RFs::FolderExists() ? ..does the S60 emulator take so long to load?? setting item interface so minimal?? the desired setting item type always missing?? ..does RInteger have static functions NewL instead of having simple Create or Open functions,the way other ‘R’ classes have?? .. to be continued.

Solving KERN-EXEC 3 : a few more tips


After seeing the feedback on the KERN-EXEC3 solving blog post, it became clear that it was time to post a more elaborate post to help fix those elusive KERN-EXEC 3 (we will call them KE3’s)panic. So here are some more detailed pointers to fix the KE3 issue: 1. If you have any member variables which […]

XML parser api troika.


Symbian provides a XML parser, which has been extended in S60 XML parsers classes as well. The Symbian parser is SAX based and would be sufficient for basic XML parsing requirements. In the Symbian CParser, the parser state needs to be reset after a parse of a complete XML document. This resetting needs to be […]