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S60Uptime for S60 3rd, 5th edition & Symbian^3 devices.


S60Uptime had been on my list of apps to be created for quite some years. Finally a few months back I coded it and today gathered the courage to post it online. S60Uptime is available for┬áS60 3rd, 5th edition & Symbian^3 devices. It also uses the CTimerX class which I posted yesterday. The code is […]

Nokia 500 debuts 1Ghz proccessor & new naming convention.


Nokia made public yesterday a new device with a recycled name. The Nokia 500 saw the day of light, thus introducing the first 1Ghz Symbian^3 device and a new naming convention for the devices. Nokia recycled its old GPS device name, the Nokia 500. The device specifications are good for the price it is being […]

Symbian^3 SDK released.


An alpha version of the Symbian^3 SDK has been released on Forum Nokia recently.Just downloaded it from here. All these SDK’s are confusing me no ends and have left me completely dazed.